Annual Reports & Transparency

The library has 32 total employees, 15 of which are full time.

As required by The Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120) The Library must disclose certain total employee compensation packages within six business days after a budget has been approved, IMRF employers must post the total compensation package for each employee exceeding $75,000 per year and at least six days before approving a total compensation package in excess of $150,000 per year. Total compensation package is considered to be salary, employer portion of health insurance (medical, dental and vision), vehicle allowance, gasoline usage (prior year actual usage will be used as an estimate), housing allowance, loans, bonus, and clothing allowance. The number of vacation and sick days to be granted or accrued during the next twelve months will be stated as well. This information for employees of the Lincolnwood Public Library is posted in the Director’s Office: 4000 W. Pratt Ave. Current hours of operation can be found on our homepage.

IMRF Employer Cost and Participation Information

Public Act 101-0504 requires IMRF employers that have a website to include a link to this web page, no later than January 1, 2021. 
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Transparency in Coverage (TiC) Final Rule

Transparency and Statistics Portal

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Annual Reports

Document Name Report File
FY24 Final Budget FY24 Final Budget_0.pdf
FY20 Final Budget FY20 Final Budget.pdf
FY23 Final Budget FY23 Final Budget.pdf
FY22 Final Budget FY22 Final Budget.pdf
FY21 Final Budget FY21 FINAL BUDGET.pdf
FY21 Levy Ordinance Tax Levy Ordinance FY2020-21 APPROVED.pdf
FY22 Levy Ordinance Tax Levy Ordinance FY2021-22 APPROVED.pdf
FY23 Levy Ordinance Tax Levy Ordinance FY2022-23 SIGNED.pdf
FY19 Audit 19-Lincolnwood FS-Final.pdf
FY20 Audit 20-Lincolnwood FS-Final.pdf
FY21 Audit 21-Lincolnwood FS-Final.pdf
FY22 Audit 22-Lincolnwood FS-Final_0.pdf