Tax Information

When do tax seasons start?

The IRS announces the start of the tax season near the beginning of each year. Tax filings are typically due around April 15 of each year for the previous year.

Where can I get forms?

The Library will print one (1) free copy of any individual form for you to fill out and mail in. We do not print copies of the large instruction booklets. Lincolnwood residents can use their $15.00 yearly printing credit to print out additional copies of forms or whole instruction booklets. See more information about printing and copying.

Forms, instructions, and publications are available to download for printing at:

See information about accessible IRS forms and services at their Accessible Forms & Publications page. See more about accessible services from the library.

Federal forms

  • You can also request up to 100 copies of any form, 5 copies of any set of instructions, and/or 5 copies of any publication from the federal IRS.
  • Go to the IRS Forms and Publications by Mail page and fill out their form to order, or call 800-829-3676.


Illinois forms

Download tax forms from prior years from the federal IRS or the Illinois Department of Revenue:

Where should forms be mailed?

Mailing addresses for Illinois residents are available at the IRS Where to File Addresses page, whether or not you’re including a payment.

Mailing addresses for individual, business, and other forms are available at the IDOR Mailing Addresses page.

Where are the nearest offices?

IRS Office

5100 River Road

Schiller Park, IL 60176

Call for an appointment: 844-545-5640


Illinois Department of Revenue

Suite 1100

555 West Monroe

Chicago, Il 60661


How can I file online?

There are many services that help or allow you to file your taxes online. 

How can I get help filing my taxes?

Some programs and organizations help individuals fill out and file their taxes for free. These programs generally require people to be a certain age or have earned a certain amount of income in the tax year.

The AARP offers a Tax-Aide program for those over the age of 50 with low to moderate income and offers multiple locations during tax season.

Ladder Up offers a Tax Assistance Program with multiple locations and times available with certain eligibility requirements.

The Cook County-based Center of Concern offers all of their services in Lincolnwood, including their Tax Assistance Program with accountants who can answer income tax questions and help with preparing basic tax returns.

Being contacted by the IRS and Scams

The IRS doesn’t start contacting taxpayers by email, text message, or social media to request personal or financial information. The IRS also doesn’t request credit card, bank/financial account access information like PIN numbers, or passwords. The IRS does not use gift cards.