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Enjoy great films at your library every Monday!


The Beekeeper  (2023) 

Mon, May 6 • 1-3:30pm • R, 101 mins •  [D]

Mr. Clay serves the Beekeepers, a secret organization with overreaching powers around the world. After quitting his work and leaving behind his dangerous life, Mr. Clay befriends Mrs. Parker. One day, Mrs. Parker falls prey to a phishing scam and takes her own life. The incident fuels Mr. Clay's vengeance to seek the truth behind her suicide. 


Napoleon (2023)

Mon, May 13 • 1-3:45pm • R, 158 mins •  [D]

Napoleon Bonaparte rises to power after his early army days to become one of the most infamous leaders in modern history. During this turbulent journey, his relationship with his wife, Josephine, endures many volatile changes that challenge their marriage. The biopic tells the story of the historical ruler through the prism of his life with his wife.


Belfast  (2022)

Mon, May 20 • 1-3pm • PG-13, 97 mins •  [D]

Nine-year-old Buddy and his family are torn between staying or moving somewhere safe as their country of Northern Ireland is embroiled in a national conflict in the late 1960s.