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Photo Policy

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  • Original Approved by LPLD Board May 24, 2012
  • Revision Approved by LPLD Board November 23, 2020


I. Purpose

While it is not required by law to get permission of persons in a public place to photograph them or use those photos for non‐commercial use, it is common courtesy to get verbal permission to do so. Therefore, library staff will verbally notify program attendees at the beginning of any programs where participants may be photographed for library publicity.


II. Permission and Objections

It is the intent of the Lincolnwood Public Library to honor individuals’ wishes to not be photographed or recorded or to not have photographs or video of them displayed or published in public places, such as library displays or on the Internet. If a library patron does not wish themselves or their child to be photographed, the patron must notify the Library staff to that effect. No names will be used in conjunction with photos/video without express written consent on a photo release form.

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