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Historical Collection Policy

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  • Original Approved by LPLD Board January 17, 2013
  • Revised and Approved by LPLD Board March 22, 2021


I. Purpose

The purpose of the Lincolnwood Public Library District’s Historical Collection is to acquire, preserve, and make accessible the historical documents and artifacts that contribute to the heritage of the Lincolnwood community for researchers, patrons and the community of Lincolnwood.


II. Materials

The Historical Collection includes: historical documents, newspaper articles, town biographies, memoirs, thesis, zoning ordinances, census data, religious congregation data, newsletters, directories of organizations, records and documents, library history, School District #74 publications, correspondences and statistics, minutes of board meetings, photographs, video cassettes and DVDs, and reports.

The Historical Collection is interested in the following kinds of materials:

  • Personal Papers (correspondence, diaries, photographs, unpublished manuscripts, family narratives, and oral histories)
  • Community Materials (pamphlets, newsletters and other publications, posters, flyers, and announcements of events)
  • Organization Records (meeting minutes, correspondences, by‐laws, publications, ledgers, and financial records)
  • Non‐Print Materials (photographs – will be digitized)


III. Acquisition

Materials may be acquired by gift, bequest, or any other transaction that passes title of the materials to Lincolnwood Public Library District’s Historical Collection. Material accepted will be on a permanent basis only and will not be loaned out to other institutions. The Archivist Specialist, under the direction of the Lincolnwood Public Library District, retains the responsibility and authority in determining which records will be housed in the Historical Collection.


IV. Disposal

Should materials in the Collection not reflect the nature of the subject (that is the Lincolnwood community and its history), or if they are duplicates, or are in irreparable condition, or if there is lack of space in the archives, then the material in question will be considered for removal and placed with a more suitable institution or, if possible, returned to the donors. It will be up to the Archives Specialist to decide on these matters with approval of the Director of the Library.

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