Changes to Musical Storytime

For those of you with little ones, you are probably familiar with our Wednesday morning Musical Storytimes that regularly feature singer and entertainer Michael's Music Machine. Attendance for this program has exploded over the past year and we're thrilled to see the growing enthusiasm for our musical storytime program! You may have noticed that as a result, our musical storytime, and the library parking lot, have been getting pretty crowded! With the increasing number of attendees, we want to ensure everyone's safety and comfort during these sessions. To manage the growing interest and maintain a safe environment, we'll be introducing a ticketing system for entry. This change will help us regulate attendance, prevent overcrowding, and ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the experience without any concerns.

Starting Wednesday, March 6th, a ticket will be required for every person for entry, with a maximum of 75 tickets being issued.

Each attendee needs their own ticket, including children/babies.

Early ticket access for LPLD cardholders; pick up tickets for your family group (up to 4 people) starting the Thursday before. A Lincolnwood Library card belonging to an adult or child must be presented to get your tickets.

Non-LPLD cardholders can pick up tickets on the morning of the program when the library opens at 9am. Tickets will be handed out strictly on a first come, first serve basis to people in the building.

• When all the tickets have been handed out, no extra people will be admitted into the program.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we strive to make our musical storytime program a safe and fun experience for everyone. Thank you for being part of our library community! 


While in the program, here are a few rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable program:

• Snacks are permitted but please clean up after yourself

• Adult conversations (however quiet) are distracting to other people. Please enjoy your conversations after the program.

• Children must stay outside the blue taped area - this is Michael's ‘stage’.

• Feel free to step outside if your child needs a break.

• Children cannot be left unattended during the storytime